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Akai 1720WL Reel to Reel Deck
Akai 1800L Reel to Reel Deck

Akai 250D Reel to Reel Deck

Akai 4000 Reel to Reel Deck

Akai 4000D Reel to Reel Deck

Akai AA-6000 Amplifier
Akai AA-6300 Receiver
Akai AA-6600 Receiver
Akai AA-8000 Receiver

Akai AA-8500 Receiver

Akai CR-80 8-Track Deck/Amplifier
Akai CR-80D 8-Track Deck
Akai CS-50 Cassette Deck
Akai CS-50D Cassette Deck
Akai GX-365D Reel to Reel Deck
Akai M10 Reel to Reel Deck
Akai SW-170 180 Speakers 
Akai SW-130 145 Speakers 
Akai SW-155 Speakers
Akai X-165D Reel to Reel Deck
Akai X-1800SD Reel to Reel Deck
Akai X-2000S Reel to Reel Deck
Akai X-2000SD Reel to Reel Deck
Akai X-200D Reel to Reel Deck
Akai X-330 Reel to Reel Deck
Akai X-330D Reel to Reel Deck
Akai X-5000WL Reel to Reel Deck
Akai X-V Reel to Reel Deck


1977 Product Catalog

1978 25th Anniversary Product Catalog


1969 Product Catalog 

1975-76 Product Catalog

1976-77 Product Catalog

1978-79 Product Catalog

A-80 and T-80 Amplifier and Tuner

AU-101 Amplifier

AU-117 Amplifier

AU-505 Amplifier

AU-517 Amplifier

AU-666  and TU-666 Amplifier and Tuner

AU-719 Amplifier

AU-777 Amplifier

AU-888 Amplifier

AU-919 and TU-919 Amplifier and Tuner

AU-2900 Amplifier

AU-6500 Amplifier

AU-7700 Amplifier

AU-9500 and TU-9500 Amplifier and Tuner

AU-9900 Amplifier

AU-11000 Amplifier

AU-20000 Amplifier

AU-X1 Amplifier


661 Receiver

771 Receiver

5000A Receiver

7000 Receiver

G-5700 Receiver

G-7700 Receiver

G-22000 and G-33000 Receivers

QR-6500 Receiver

QRX-6500 Receiver

QRX-5001 Receiver

QRX-7001 Receiver

FR-3080 Turntable

FR-4060 Turntable

FR-5080 Turntable

FR-D3 Turntable

FR-D25 Turntable

FR-D45 Turntable

FR-D55 Turntable

FR-Q5 Turntable

SR-212 Turntable

SR-222 Turntable

SR-232 Turntable

SR-313 Turntable

SR-333 Turntable

SR-525 Turntable

SR-626 Turntable

SR-717 Turntable

SR-838 Turntable

SR-929 Turntable

SR-1050C Turntable

SR-2020 Turntable

SR-2050C Turntable

SR-3030 Turntable

SR-4040 Turntable

SR-4050 Turntable

P-50 Turntable


QS-1 Four Channel Decoder

QS-500 Rear Channel Amplifier

RA-500 Reverb Amplifier

RA-900 Reverb Amplifier

RA-1000 Reverb Amplifier


SC-1100 Cassette Deck

SC-1110 Cassette Deck

SC-1330 Cassette Deck

SC-3300 Cassette Deck

SP-150 Speakers

SP-1200 Speakers

SP-1700 Speakers

SP-2500X Speakers

SP-3500A Speakers

SP-5500X Speakers

SP-X6 X7 X8 X9 Speakers

SH-5 Headphones

SH-15 Headphones

SS-10 Headphones

SS-20 Headphones

SS-30 Headphones

SS-35 Headphones

SS-50 Headphones

SS-60 Headphones

SS-80 Headphones

SS-100 Headphones


1976-77 Product Catalog

1978-79 Product Catalog


Cartridge Stylus Cross Reference Guide


SL-1700 MK II Turntable

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