How quickly is my product shipped?

We ship all items within 2 business days of payment receipt. In most cases, your item is sent the same day that we receive your payment.

How is my product shipped to me?

Most items (especially heavier items) are shipped to you via Fedex Ground. Smaller and lightweight items are shipped via USPS. We have shipped over 25,000 vintage audio pieces all over the world with great success. We have developed a variety of packing techniques over the years to insure delicate items like turntables and heavier items like speakers arrive on your doorstep safe and sound.

Do you ship internationally? How about Alaska and Hawaii?

Shipping outside the contiguous 48 states is available for an additional fee. International shipping is available for most items. Some countries place restrictions on the types of items we can ship to that country. Please use the Contact Us page and drop us a note about which item you are interested in and where you want it shipped. We will get back to you with a price quote right away.

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

We do not ship to P.O. boxes. You must provide us with a physical address.


I'm having problems. What to do?

Your complete satisfaction is our primary goal and we will work hard to help you in any way we can. Please contact us via e-mail at info@theoldstereoguy.com, or use our Contact Form. Please be sure to provide as much detail as you can about any issue you are experiencing. We will contact you within 2 business days.

Is my purchase covered by a guarantee?

Every item comes with a 14 day money back guarantee. Your guarantee does not cover damage caused by improper installation or use, but just about everything else is covered. We want you to be pleased with your purchase! Please note that you will be responsible for return shipping costs on your item. The item must be returned in the exact same condition as when it was shipped to you including all accessories and pieces. Please pack carefully as you will be responsible for any damage incurred while the package is in transit back to our warehouse. Individual repair parts are sold as-is and are not returnable.

Testing Procedures

How do you test and service items?

We work hard to provide you with good quality vintage audio equipment. Part of that effort involves testing each piece of equipment before it ever appears here at theoldstereoguy.com. Here's how we test each type of item: Receivers and Amplifiers Sound output is monitored via speakers and headphones and checked for clarity and balance between channels (about 5 minutes total testing time). All inputs are tested for proper function (including AM/FM on receivers). Lights are checked and replaced as needed. Controls and switches are tested and cleaned/lubed as needed. We test tubes from vacuum tube based equipment to make sure they are good tubes. We do not perform functions like adjusting DC bias, testing/replacing capacitors, and testing/replacing transistors (when present) on any unit. Turntables A record is physically played and sound quality is monitored for problems. We use the same record on every turntable so inconsistencies are easily noted. Speed is tested via strobe for accuracy and calibrated as needed. Tone arm cue and return functions are checked and adjusted as needed (when present). Belts are checked and replaced as needed. The internal mechanical linkages are dissasembled, cleaned, and relubricated as needed for proper operation. The stylus is cleaned and then examined under microscope for excessive wear or defects. Reel to Reel Tape Decks A pre-recorded tape is played and monitored for sound quality (typically less than 5 minutes). A brief test recording is made and monitored for quality. Tape handling is tested (fast forward, rewind, pause). All lights are checked and replaced as needed. Internal mechanical linkages are dissasembled, cleaned, and relubricated as needed for proper operation. Controls are checked for proper function and cleaned/lubed. Tape heads are visually checked for excessive wear. Cassette Tape Decks A pre-recorded tape is played and monitored for sound quality (typically less than 5 minutes). A brief test recording is made and monitored for quality. Tape handling is tested (fast forward, rewind, pause). All lights are checked and replaced as needed. Controls are checked for proper function and cleaned/lubed. The internal mechanical linkages are dissasembled, cleaned, and relubricated as needed for proper operation. Tape heads are checked for excessive wear. Tape door function is checked for proper operation (when present). Speakers All speakers are checked for sound clarity and quality. Each driver in a multi-way speaker system is checked for proper function. Foam surrounds (when present) are checked and replaced as needed. Crossover controls (when present) are tested and repaired as needed. Impedance is also checked when selling raw drivers. The impedance measurement is usually noted in the auction listing. We often refinish genuine wood veneer cabinets and that will be noted in the product description. We do not refinish the bottom of speaker cabinets in most cases. Vacuum Tubes Each tube is checked on a properly calibrated Eico 667 Dynamic Tube Tester. Each tube is also checked for shorts and leaks. The integrity of the tube base is also checked when applicable to make sure it is not loose. We do not test each tube for sound characteristics, microphonics etc. and our return policy does not cover issues with sound characteristics and microphonics since we are not able to test for these conditions.

How do you clean old stereo equipment?

We believe old audio gear doesn't need to be dirty. Every piece of equipment is thoroughly cleaned before it is made available for bid. Here are just some of the things we do: Knobs and Switches These parts are first run through an ultra-sonic cleaner and then scrubbed by hand with a toothbrush in a mild detergent and warm water solution. You will be touching sparkling knobs that look just like they did when they originally left the factory! Faceplates We use our own special combination of mild cleaning ingredients to gently remove old dirt and residue from the faceplates of receivers and amplifiers. We also clean, buff, and polish the plastic dial glass plates on the outside and the inside when necessary. Rear Panels Cleaned and prepped using a toothbrush and various cleaners. Like Mom always said; "Don't forget your backside!" Cabinet Exteriors Cabinets are always cleaned and polished in a method suitable for the manufacturer's material. Genuine wood cabinets on components (amps, receivers, tape decks, etc.) always receive a new coat of wood oil to make them glow! Cabinet Interiors Cabinet interiors for all appropriate types of equipment are blown out with compressed air to remove accumulated dust (which can contribute to parts overheating and wearing out). Turntable Dust Covers Dust covers are polished and buffed in a four step process for maximum cosmetic appeal. In many cases we can get an old scratched up cover looking very close to new. Everybody likes a shiny dust cover! Speaker Grills We have developed some unique methods over the years for restoring the lattice work speaker grills so they look very close to their original state. We often replace the fabric on "clothe only" grills with new fabric.

Are hardware parts replaced during testing and servicing?

All parts replaced during testing and servicing are noted in the listing. We do not perform restoration functions like adjusting DC bias, testing/replacing capacitors, testing/replacing transistors (or other board level components), or calibrating/measuring performance with test equipment.


Are accessories and other pieces included with my item?

Only the accessories pictured with the item in the listing are included. If you don't see it (remotes, cables, etc.) then you can assume it is not included with the item. We do not include metal display reels with reel to reel decks.

Do you offer a repair service?

We service only the equipment we offer for sale here on our website and do not offer a repair service to the general public.

Where do the pictures in the galleries come from?

We take those pictures right here in our own studio and are products we have sold in the past. We don't use stock photos or random internet pics in any of our product offerings or galleries.

You're in Veradale, Washington? Where the heck is that?

Veradale is a suburb of Spokane, Washington right near the Washington/Idaho border. Estimated metro population here is about 600,000 not including a broad assortment of animals (cattle, horses, buffalo, elk, deer, etc.)

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