Receiver Picture Gallery

Akai AS-970
This rare and massive beast must be where the phrase "monster receiver" originated. Quad and stereo operation with a gazillion buttons and switches.
Fisher 500C Vacuum Tube Receiver
A favorite of many enthusiasts due to the musical nature of its output.
Fisher 800-B
7591A Output tubes in push/pull configuration for about 25-30 watts per channel (great for a tube receiver!).
Harman Kardon FA-30XK
Vacuum tube receiver sold in kit form. About 30 WPC.
HH Scott 370R
60 WPC at just .05% THD. Good FM section too.
Kenwood KR-5150
Marantz 2240B
40 WPC with that Marantz tone everybody seems to love!
Marantz 2245
Great sounding and well built receiver. 45 WPC
Marantz 2325
Lots of features and a thumping 125 watts per channel. Very nice receiver.
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